Link Building

What is Link Building?

Building quality links to your website is possibly the most important factor when is comes to search engine rankings. This is because search engines use links to determine the importance of your website. The more relevant incoming links to your site, the better the chance you have of ranking higher. A link would be considered relevant if it contained an appropriate keyword and/or comes from a website that is related to the services / goods you sell.

For example:
If you were a driving school owner in Blanchardstown, Dublin, it would be recommended to try and get links from websites that are related to Driving in Ireland, Driving Lessons in Blanchardstown, insurance and education or directories etc. It is also very important to use the right text within the link. Rather than just using, use phrases that you want to rank well for like ‘Driving Lessons Dublin’, ‘Driving Lessons in Blanchardstown’ or ‘Learn to Drive Dublin’.

How Will Link Building Benefit Me?

In order to rank high, it’s essential to have relevant incoming links.

How can we help you Build Links?

Link building requires a proper strategy and lots of time. Our focus is on utilising your current links to ensure your getting the most from them. We then concentrate on generating additional quality inbound links to your website by developing a suitable link building plan.

Step 1: We will analyse your current incoming links and see if they need to be altered in order to make them more powerful.

Step 2: We will carry out research on your competitors links and see if your site could get links from the same sources.

Step 3: Submit your site to niche and local directories.

Step 4: Develop a monthly link building campaign using a variety of links building methods.

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